Home Decorating With Minimum Expense

Wondering what décor would work for your home without dropping serious cash?

Here’s a guide to fresh inspiration ahead.

It's not easy to overhaul your home entirely to follow new trends every year. However, having small changes such as changing the pillowcase and adding a few new ornaments could help alter the ambiance around the house.

Living room

It's 2018, the style of 2017 "minimalist" for home decoration is no longer trending, it makes the home look empty and dull. Moreover, it's dispiriting to make anyone wanting to stay. The living room is the place where you spent most of your time with your family and friends, it's the most important place at home where you would want to make sure it becomes as comfortable as possible.

How do we do that?

Living room with furnishing

Furnishing the room with pillows and small ornaments could brighten the ambiance making it welcoming. Changing the design of pillowcase and ornaments could bring a different atmosphere to the room. A room filled with pillowcases with designs inspired by nature and wooden ornament would have a pleasing and peaceful effect. Whereas a room filled with artistic design pillowcase and metal ornament would make the room look classy. There are multiple different combinations you can mix around and each tells the personality of the family living in the house.

Home Decor


The most fun part of the decoration is the opportunity to design your own bedroom, it is often said that the bedroom reflects the inner self of a person as it is your personal space. 

There are products that can help organize your creativity and at the same time multiplying the fun!

Room Decor


The coming year ahead, housing size will continue to get smaller especially if you are staying in an apartment. With limited space and room for decoration, beatifying bathroom can be quite challenging. Efficiently using that limited space to keep your toiletries neatly and conveniently would be most ideal. However, without some decoration would leave the restroom to be bare plain, here are some items that wouldn't take too much space and could give a final touch to complete your bathroom.

Bathroom Decor